Friday, April 10, 2009

An Award!

Wow! I got my first award! Thank you to Midtown Girl! If you haven't checked her out... DO SO! It's like SITC LIVE! She is SO my daily dose of funny! Although I often feel badly for her awful dates... I can't help but laugh, but hey she's got sass to back her up when the idiots come a knockin! Just go see her!

Here's my award! Isn't it Pretty?

The Rules are... To list 7 things that I Love/Make me Happy! So Here Goes....

1. My Daughter. Obviously. Although I'd love to strangle her attitude filled, smart mouthed, annoying little butt more often than not, she is my world.

2. Sunshine. I just love sunshine. Sitting outside, or inside, sunshine is the best. How can you not smile when the sun lights up everything in it's path?

3. Really good friends. You know the type. When your having a bad day, and you get a phone call or email with one of those even annoying forwards that just tells you your special, and your like "I SO needed that today!". OR when you answer your phone and the other person says.."OK, What's wrong?", they just KNOW. That's the kind I'm talking about.

4. BOOKS! I could read ALL day. I love nothing more than a book.

5. Naps! For one because I don't take as many as I'd love to. AND it is my favorite time to take them. On a bed...With the windows open, breeze coming in, sun shining... HEAVEN.

6. Babies. No, I don't want anymore. But, I enjoy them. Their smell. Their laughs, their looks, their everything. (As long as their yours LOL)

7. Writing. It is such a release for me. Whether I'm writing for personal release or for a book, I enjoy EVERY.LITTLE.BIT.OF.IT.

OKAY! Pass it on... I give this lovely Award to.... Some of the new blogs I'm following....
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  1. I've often said that after one emergency c-section and one vaginal birth, I'd like to do it one more time (now that I know what I'm doing), but I wouldn't want to keep the baby--I am so done with babies! :) (except for grandkids one day, of course :)

    Congrats on your award. It sure looks pretty in here :)